FranklinCovey Blog | November, 2010

Plea for Better/Fewer Meetings

Thursday, November 4th, 2010 | Great Work, Great Career | No Comments

Things I hate about meetings:

1.        Having no idea what the expected outcomes of the meeting might be or how we intend to get there.

2.       The rest of my work piling up like gravel while I attend LONG meetings or too many meetings.

3.       Presentations led by PowerPoint.

What I like:

1.       Rigorous conversations—open, respectful, communication—searching for real solutions for real problems.

2.       The food (sometimes).  Depends on location.  Ok, I’m ambivalent—if it is good, I eat too much.  If it is bad, I’m bored.

3.       Action items and follow up on action items. has a poster about meetings:  None of us is as dumb as all of us.  Let’s buck that.  Let’s have fewer and better.

Author: Jennifer Colosimo, Chief Operations Officer at FranklinCovey

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