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We enable greatness in people and organizations everywhere.

Friday, January 9th, 2009 | FranklinCovey News | 1 Comment

Hello to thousands of our friends worldwide on the new FranklinCovey blog.

What is this blog about? Well, our FranklinCovey mission is to enable greatness in people and organizations everywhere.

It sounds pretty ambitious to help everybody become great. It sort of depends on how you define the word “great.” Maybe you feel a little weary just reading our mission statement-I know I do. Sometimes just getting up in the morning is a “great” accomplishment.

But at FranklinCovey it’s a mission we deeply believe in.

This is what we mean by our mission: We’d like to help you and everybody else live a great life.

What could be a more energizing mission than that?

That’s why we’ve started this blog.

We’re going to discover among ourselves what it means to live a great life-how you personally can live a great life-and how together we can help other people live a great life.

When you come to this blog you’ll be blown away by the ideas for living not just a pleasant life, a secure life, a nice life-but a truly great life.

Sometimes we’ll talk about people who have made a great impact on the world, famous people, the kind of people we usually call “great.”

But just as often we’ll talk about people who look deceptively ordinary but are actually incredibly great. People who have chosen greatness in the circle they live in, no matter how small that circle.

People like you.

And that’s why we’re inviting you to send us your own stories of greatness . . . stories about great people you know. Stories about people who have transcended the boundaries of the everyday, who have made unique contributions, who have made a compelling difference.

And together we’ll discover what such people are made of.

Send your stories to

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1 Comment to We enable greatness in people and organizations everywhere.

Ivan Samolov (Russia)
March 27, 2009

I wish you good luck! We too have created recently a blog

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