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7 Habits On Demand Series


Experience Stephen R. Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Online 

Turn ineffectiveness to effectiveness with The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People JumpStart. Problems caused by ineffectiveness cannot be solved with the same ineffective thinking that created them. For more than 15 years, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has provided the ultimate in productivity training for thousands of people and organizations worldwide.

For $149 you now can access The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People JumpStart On Demand Catalog which includes 22 online self-paced courses which cover a wide range of professional development skills. Purchase the bundle today and save over $100.

Specifically you will learn to:

  • Feel more satisfied with what you accomplish each day
  • Develop a clear definition of the results you want and live each day with a greater sense of meaning and purpose.
  • Know where you're going in your life
  • Focus on your top priorities, achieve balance, and increase organization and productivity through a weekly and daily planning process.
  • Discover the secrets to success and fulfillment within you
  • End self-defeating personal and professional behavior and gain the necessary security to change. 

These online modules incorporate concepts from the popular FranklinCovey workshop The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Catalog titles include:

Excelerator Courses 

Experience the life changing content of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective people through two 60-minute on demand courses. The courses are online and include self-paced 7 Habits content-based instruction through videos, animation, assessments, PDF toolkits as well as other resources and tools.

The courses include:

The 7 Habits Jump Start: Habits 1–3
  • Learn to: Be proactive, keep commitments, become accountable for your actions and have a positive influence.
The 7 Habits Jump Start: Habits 4–7
  • Learn to: Collaborate effectively, form productive business relationships, develop listening skills and apply effective persuasion techniques.

InSights On Demand 

To help you reach your most effective state you will have access to 20 single-point lessons based around FranklinCovey's award-winning, Hollywood quality 7 Habits videos. Each InSights course starts with an engaging video, followed by powerful reflective questions for learners. These bite-sized courses are 10 to 15 minutes in length and fall under 9 topics below:

  • 2 Courses: Empathic Listening, Win-Win Thinking
  • Learn to: Communicate candidly and respectfully, create a “win-win” culture and respect the viewpoints of others.
Conflict Management
  • 2 Courses: Negotiating Breakthrough Solutions, Win-Lose Conditioning
  • Learn to: See conflicts as opportunities, eliminate sources of unhealthy competition and collaborate for the good of the team.
  • 1 Course:  Achieving Creative Breakthroughs
  • Learn to: Come up with innovative solutions to problems, develop a creative approach to work and leverage diverse points of view.
Managing Change
  • 2 Courses: Taking Charge of Your Life, Becoming a Force for Positive Change
  • Learn to: Take responsibility for results, see opportunity in adversity and deal successfully with a changing and uncertain environment.
Performance Management
  • 1 Course: Holding Each Other Accountable for Results
  • Learn to: Demonstrate accountability for results, develop individual talents and leverage the potential of each person.
Personal Productivity
  • 4 Courses: Big Rocks, Circle of Influence, Sharpen the Saw, Weekly Planning
  • Learn to: Focus on what is important, handle stress productively, balance work and life priorities and take initiative and plan daily and weekly.
Strategic Leadership
  • 3 Courses: Principles of Long-Term Success, Balancing Short- and Long-Term Thinking, What Great Leaders Are Made Of
  • Learn to: Think beyond the short term, become principle-oriented, develop the leadership qualities of character and genuine concern for people.
Team Building
  • 1 Course: Build a Great Team by Leveraging  Diversity
  • Learn to: Develop team routines and processes to ensure excellence, learn to solve new problems and value diverse perspectives.
  • 4 Courses: Develop a Powerful Personal Mission, Contribution, Identifying Your Values, Paint a Picture of Your Best Life
  • Learn to: Think beyond the short term, define a set of core values and engage your passion and sense of purpose.
After purchasing, you will receive an email containing the details you need to access the 7 Habits JumpStart On Demand library. You can move through the courses as you please. You will have access for 60 days after the time of purchase to complete all courses. 


$149 for 60 days access

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