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Time Management for IBM® Lotus Notes® Increasing Your Productivity through the Effective Use of Lotus Notes (LiveClicks)



E-mail, voicemail, instant messages, even paper planners have all revolutionized our communication and work, but they can also work against us if not organized and managed well. Ironically, technologies envisioned to liberate us can swamp us in a tsunami of data and clutter. As a result, employees often “live in their inboxes” and become distracted, robotic, and pressured to react to situations perceived as urgent instead of tackling what's truly important.


Staying on task is essential to success, but if daily endeavor isn't linked to what's wildly important, employees will neither succeed professionally nor be fulfilled personally. Learning to use Lotus Notes to automatically filter and respond to messages is key. The FranklinCovey LiveClicks™ Webinar Workshop—Time Management for IBM® Lotus Notes®: Increasing Your Productivity through the Effective Use of Lotus Notes teaches participants to stop “living in their inbox” and start prioritizing tasks, messages, and appointments to achieve what is most important to the organization and themselves.

About the Course:

Now all your employees can experience the world-renowned benefits of FranklinCovey training, no matter where they live and work around the globe. The LiveClicks™ Webinar Workshop— Time Management for IBM® Lotus Notes®: Increasing Your Productivity through the Effective Use of Lotus Notes is a low-cost, two-hour module that offers compelling content and live engagement with an expert consultant. The webinar comes with its own downloadable toolkit for use during and after the workshop. Attendees experience the training right from their desk, eliminating travel costs and reducing your organization's carbon footprint while minimizing lost time away from the office.

You Will Learn To:

  • Stay focused every day with a reliable planning system utilizing IBM Lotus Notes.
  • Gain control of competing demands on time—e-mail, voice mail, meetings, and interruptions.
  • Apply a planning process that gets better business results based on execution and priorities.
  • Achieve balance and renewal, avoiding burnout and frustration.
  • Reduce stress by recognizing and eliminating low-priority activities and distractions.
  • Learn effectiveness tips on how to plan and stay focused on your highest priorities.
  • Master proven goal-setting process to help you become more focused.

What You Receive:

  • A downloadable IBM Lotus Notes Rescue Guide toolkit to help you start implementing the workshop principles immediately.
  • Best practices to help you manage the onslaught of information you receive daily.
  • Step-by-step instructions on using the top IBM Lotus Notes features to increase your professional capabilities.
  • World-class facilitator.
  • Money-back guarantee.

Length of Training:


Most LiveClicks webinar durations vary, depending on consultant and class participation, but rarely exceed two hours. 

Workshop Tuition

1 Person$149
2-5 People$139 each
6+ People$129 each
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Continuing Education Credits:

2 Contact Hours
.2 CEU

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