Leadership: Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results for Law Enforcement™
Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement

Develop leaders who lift others to greatness.


Do your leaders know how to unleash the highest and best contribution of their people toward the organization’s most critical priorities?

Today’s leaders must be able to see their people as “whole people”—body, heart, mind, and spirit—and manage and lead accordingly. As a result, leaders spend their efforts creating a place where people want to stay and in which they are enabled to offer their best, time and time again.

“The call and need of a new era is for greatness. Tapping into the higher reaches of human genius and motivation requires leaders to have a new mind-set, a new skillset, and a new tool-set.”

Dr. Stephen Covey

The Solution

Leaders unleash talent and capability by carrying out the 4 Imperatives of Great Leaders.

They are sequential in that one builds upon another, and simultaneous—meaning that you must constantly pay attention to all four in order to sustain outstanding performance. Great leaders focus on these four imperatives:


Inspire Trust—to build credibility as a leader, so that people will trust you with their highest efforts.


Clarify Purpose—to define a clear and compelling purpose that people will want to offer their best to achieve.


Align Systems—to create systems of success that support the purpose and goals of the organization, enable people to do their best work, operate independently of you, and endure over time.


Unleash Talent—to develop a winning team, where people’s unique talents are leveraged against clear performance expectations in a way that encourages responsibility and growth.

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About The Course

This 3-day intensive workshop begins a process-oriented approach to developing great leaders. The process includes:

  • A Leadership Quotient (LQ) assessment to measure your capabilities against the 4 Imperatives of Great Leaders.


  • A full set of electronic tools, videos, and other resources to help you implement what you have learned and achieve new levels of results when you return to your organization.


  • A set of leadership books, including:

– The 8th Habit, by Stephen R. Covey

– The Speed of Trust, by Stephen M. R. Covey

– The Ultimate Question, by Fred Reichheld

– What the CEO Wants You to Know, by Ram Charan

– The Innovator’s Dilemma, by Clayton Christensen


  • A follow-up Leadership Quotient assessment.

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