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Building public trust in law enforcement from the inside out.


How is a lack of trust hindering results?

All too often, people’s unseen agendas or personal motivations prevent others from trusting their word and ultimately getting things done. In a low-trust environment, workers become suspicious of each other and of the organization. Guarded communication, speculation, and disengagement, slows productivity down and frustration goes up.

“The call and need of a new era is for greatness. Tapping into the higher reaches of human genius and motivation requires leaders to have a new mind-set, a new skillset, and a new tool-set.”

Dr. Stephen Covey

The Solution

Everyone contributes to a high-trust organization.

Often results are hindered by a simple lack of trust among individuals. But when individuals trust each other — and are trusted by others — communication improves and productivity accelerates as attention is redirected toward objectives instead of suspicion about others’ intentions.


FranklinCovey’s highly interactive Policing at the Speed of Trust program helps individuals in your organization identify and address “trust gaps” in their own personal credibility, in their relationships at work and in the community. Using examples based on their current work and focusing on real-world issues rather than theories or academic models, participants in the Policing at the Speed of Trust program will contribute to high trust in the organization by:


  • Communicating transparently with leaders, peers and the community.
  • Improving their track record of keeping commitments.
  • Extending appropriate levels of trust with co-workers and other peers.
  • Focusing on improving internal relationships with others who depend on their work.
  • Increasing their personal credibility and influence.
  • Adopting and applying the 13 Behaviors that build, maintain, and restore trust.

Policing At the Speed of Trust

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About The Course

Policing at the Speed of Trust is a full day workshop that provides tools to help law enforcement professionals to identify, build, extend and restore trust in their professional and personal relationships. Individuals who attend this workshop will learn to:

  • Increase personal credibility.
  • Increase trust in the organization and with the community.
  • Exhibit behaviors that increase trust.
  • Create an environment of high trust that will increase creativity, innovation, and a greater commitment to achieving results.
  • Make action plans to build Trust Accounts with all key stakeholders.