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Execution Does Not Like Complexity

Chris McChesney

March 2017


Strategy is always complicated. It’s always complex.


If I ask you, “tell me about your plan for next year, tell me what you’re trying to accomplish.” It’s probably going to take an hour and I’m probably going to want to take a nap afterwards.


Execution doesn’t like complexity. The two best friends of execution are simplicity and transparency and that is exactly what The 4 Disciplines of Execution create.


You want to get started in this? Ask yourself one question:


“In my life, on my team, in my organization, what is that one thing that lives at the intersection of Really Important and This Ain’t Gonna Happen?”


If you know the answer to that question, you are ready to dive into the process.

Profile Picture

Chris McChesney

Chris McChesney is a Wall Street Journal #1 National Best Selling Author – The 4 Disciplines of Execution. In his current role of Global Practice Leader of Execution for Franklin Covey, Chris is one of the primary developers of the 4 Disciplines of Execution. For more than a decade, he has led FranklinCovey’s design and development of these principles, as well as the consulting organization that has become the fastest growing area of the company.


Chris has personally led many of the most noted implementations of the 4 Disciplines, including the State of Georgia, Marriott International, Shaw Industries, Ritz Carlton, Kroger, Coca Cola, Comcast, FritoLay, Lockheed Martin and Gaylord Entertainment. This practical experience has enabled him to test and refine the principles contained in the 4 Disciplines of Execution from the boardrooms to the front line of these, and many other organizations.