FranklinCovey Consultants
David Aduddell

Coaching and Consulting Experience

David began his time with FranklinCovey as a client. He used FranklinCovey’s robust curriculum, resource materials, and All-Access Pass® to develop national leadership programs for organizations. He was later recruited by FranklinCovey to join the consulting team to help other organizations get the most from the content and experience. He specializes in partnering with clients to help them bring out the brilliance from the inside out. His innovative style makes learning moments fun and transformative for individuals and teams. As demands change in the market place for clients, David’s fresh approach helps them achieve their target goals and move past organizational gaps. Over the last two decades, he has partnered with hundreds of Fortune 500 companies and government agencies across the US.

As a consultant with FranklinCovey, David has years of experience delivering core content in a meaningful way. David is the author of the book Breaking the Coaching Code, a guide to help managers get the most from their teams and themselves. He is also a trained executive and business coach. He has a Master of Business Administration degree with a specialization in leadership development. 



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