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Great Work, Great Career: Resume Advantage

Hit your target with your resume


Great Work, Great Career: Resume Advantage


The goal of your résumé is to get an interview. The typical applicant will send out the "one size fits all" résumé to 30 different companies and will wait to see if at least one will bite. Decision makers today have real problems and opportunities, and they need help with them. Your résumé needs to address those problems and opportunities spot on. Your résumé needs to show specifically and quantitatively how life will be better for them if they bring you on board.


In the Great Work, Great Career: Résumé Advantage LiveClicks webinar workshop, you learn elements to help you with your interview skills. This webinar covers five main elements:  résumé Do's, including the top requirements for a great résumé; résumé Don'ts, including pointless resume phrases to avoid;  how to write a highly targeted résumé with a problem you are uniquely positioned to solve and get it in the hands of a person who can make a decision; and finally, cover letters. By the end of the webinar, you’ll have a good draft of your résumé and all the information you need to finish up. 

This webinar elaborates on the résumé component of the book Great Work, Great Career written by Stephen R. Covey and Jennifer Colosimo

About the Course

Now all of your employees can experience the world-renowned benefits of FranklinCovey training, no matter where they live and work around the globe. The LiveClicks webinar workshop Great Work, Great Career: Résumé Advantage is a low-cost module that offers compelling content, award-winning videos, and live engagement with an expert consultant. The webinar comes with its own downloadable toolkit for use during and after the workshop. Attendees experience the training right from their desk, eliminating travel costs and reducing your organization's carbon footprint while minimizing lost time away from the office.


As a result of experiencingGreat Work, Great Career:  Résumé Advantage you learn how to:

  • Résumé dos and don'ts.
  • How to write a targeted résumé.
  • How to get your résumé into the decision maker’s hands.
  • What to include in a cover letter.

Length of Training:

Two-hour webinar workshop

Delivery Options:

What You Receive:

  • Great Work, Great Career hardcover book by Stephen R. Covey and Jennifer Colosimo
  • A comprehensive downloadable toolkit
  • World-class facilitator
  • Money-back guaranteed


Exclusive training in your organization:
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Continuing Education Credits:

2 Contact Hours
.2 CEU

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