For Facilitators: Live Online Coaching Sessions for Online Platforms

We know that our client facilitators have had great success delivering FranklinCovey content across many common virtual meeting platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft® Teams, and WebEx Meetings, beyond LiveClicks, which we have traditionally used in the past. If you and your organization would prefer using one of these other platforms, we’d love to help. Especially if it’s new to you.

Within the AAP Portal, you will be able to find Facilitator Guides for Live-Online Flexible Platforms, which includes a preparation section that provides general suggestions to successfully prepare for and deliver the best user experience, includes platform-specific tips. Our PowerPoint for Live-Online Flexible Platforms presentation slides are also adapted to support the delivery of live-online work sessions in these platforms.  

For additional support, we are offering the following coaching sessions:

Introduction to Zoom 90-Minute Coaching Sessions

Introduction to WebEx Meetings 90-Minute Coaching Sessions

Introduction to Microsoft® Teams 90-Minute Coaching Sessions

We encourage you to download the most recent app associated with each platform. Zoom and WebEx Meetings have recently sent through updates that impact functionality and having the most recent app will help to ensure a successful experience.

If you are unable to attend a live session, consider one of our recorded On Demand tutorials.

If you have any questions about transitioning to these platforms or accessing flexible platform resources, please contact your client partner, implementation specialist, or our All Access Care Team at 1-855-711-2273, or [email protected].

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