FranklinCovey On Leadership

Season 28 features interviews with Guy Raz, Michael Hyatt, Gary Sinise, Bronnie Ware, Arthur Brooks, James Patterson, Simon Sinek, Bozoma Saint John, Tim Arnold, and Jason Derulo.

Season 28

Episode 271
Guy Raz

Join Guy Raz in this captivating interview as he shares insights from his book How I Built This: The Unexpected Path to Success From the World’s Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs. Discover the incredible journey behind his wildly successful kids’ podcast, Wow in the World, and the media production company he built around it. Explore the secrets to entrepreneurial success and the art of storytelling in podcasting.

Episode 272
Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt, renowned productivity expert, and author, shares his personal journey of resilience and growth. Join him as he discusses his recent health scare and the mindset shift that transformed his perspective on life. Discover the power of mindset and how it shapes our actions and results. 

Episode 273
Gary Sinise

Prepare to be inspired as Gary Sinise discusses the power of transition figures in our lives and the transformative effect of finding purpose through serving others.

Episode 274
Bronnie Ware

Bestselling author and hospice specialist Bronnie Ware reveals the profound insights she gained from caring for the dying. Delve into Bronnie’s personal journey from a corporate career to a life dedicated to helping others live without regret. Discover the top five regrets of the dying and how they can transform your perspective on life.

Episode 275
Arthur Brooks

Challenge your pursuit of external success and uncover the formula for a truly fulfilling life. Join renowned social scientist Arthur Brooks as he shares profound insights and actionable steps to find lasting happiness. Drawing from his book From Strength to Strength, Brooks shares deep insights and actionable steps to help strivers shift their focus and find enduring happiness.

Episode 276
James Patterson

Delve into collaboration, creativity, and leadership intricacies with distinguished author James Patterson. Drawing from his vast experience in writing and collaborating with others, Patterson offers profound insights into the art of listening and embracing diverse perspectives in successful collaborations.

Episode 277
Simon Sinek

Engage in an experience sure to improve your leadership skills with one of the most well known and respected leadership thought leaders of our time, Simon Sinek. The NYT bestselling author joins us for a conversation about modern day leadership, collaboration, and the human skills needed to live a fulfilling, impactful life.

Episode 278
Bozoma Saint John

Bestselling author Bozoma Saint John reveals her secrets to personal branding and career success. Drawing from her impressive journey at companies like PepsiCo, Apple, Uber, and Netflix, Bozoma shares valuable insights on embracing authenticity, standing out, and taking control of your professional reputation.

Episode 279
Tim Arnold

Learn how to rise above polarity, division, and conflicting values on this compelling new episode with Tim Arnold. Tim shares that the secret is to move beyond the traditional either/or approach to solving problems and embrace the transformational power of both/and thinking.

Episode 280
Jason Derulo

Join global superstar and author Jason Derulo as he shares insights on his journey to success, emphasizing the importance of discipline, work ethic, and belief in oneself. Jason highlights the value of routine and the need to persevere, even when faced with setbacks or closed doors.

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