FranklinCovey On Leadership

Season 30 features interviews with David Meltzer, Kevin Hines, Jon Acuff, Matt Gutman, Alan Murray, Wim Hof, Terri Cole, Zion Clark, Ryan Smith, and Tova Friedman.

Season 30

Episode 291
David Meltzer

Join serial entrepreneur and author David Meltzer as he shares his journey from a mindset of scarcity to one of abundance, discussing the highs and lows he experienced along the way. David also provides insights on sales leadership and the importance of treating sales producers well.

Episode 292
Kevin Hines

You belong here. That is one of many messages author and suicide survivor Kevin Hines wants to share with anyone who will listen. Kevin shares his personal story of surviving a suicide attempt off the Golden Gate Bridge and discusses the importance of mental health and suicide prevention.

Episode 293
Jon Acuff

Your goal is achievable with the right systems in place. NYT bestselling author Jon Acuff returns to On Leadership to elaborate on this idea, sharing insights on the overall construction and measurement of your goals over time.

Episode 294
Matt Gutman

Some things just need to be talked about more. To ABC journalist and author Matt Gutman, one of those things is the prevalence of panic attacks. Matt shares his personal journey and discusses the importance of shining a spotlight on mental health issues.

Episode 295
Alan Murray

According to Alan Murray, the CEO of Fortune Media, there is plenty to be optimistic about in the ever-changing world of business. His new book, Tomorrow’s Capitalist, explores the changing nature of leadership and the way leaders are looking at their responsibilities to society.

Episode 296
Wim Hof

Activate your physical and mental health with this On Leadership guest. Known to many as “Iceman,” speaker, coach, and author Wim Hof shares his practices of using cold exposure and specific breathing techniques to unlock your human potential.

Episode 297
Terri Cole

Having healthy boundaries is crucial for effective leadership. Check your boundary blindspots in today’s episode featuring psychotherapist and boundary expert Terri Cole, who focuses on the importance of setting and respecting boundaries in personal and professional relationships.

Episode 298
Zion Clark

Zion Clark is no stranger to overcoming adversity and taking on challenges. The extreme athlete, entrepreneur, and author joins us to share his journey of becoming a renowned wrestler and elite athlete, despite being born without lower limbs. Zion emphasizes the importance of perseverance and working hard even when no one is watching.

Episode 299
Ryan Smith

The impact a sports franchise can have on its surrounding community can be profound. Join hometown hero Ryan Smith, the franchise owner and governor of the Utah Jazz, as he discusses his passion for making a positive impact on the community and shares stories of how he strives to create special moments for fans and individuals.

Episode 300
Tova Friedman

There are no words to describe this must-listen 300th episode. The spotlight here is fully on Tova Friedman, the author of The Daughter of Auschwitz: My Story of Resilience, Survival, and Hope. Tova is a survivor of the Holocaust and shares her mission in writing the book, which is to represent the 1.5 million Jewish children who were murdered by the Nazis, and the lessons she has learned about resilience and gratitude.

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