FranklinCovey On Leadership

Season 33 features interviews with Mathias Döpfner, Sasha DiGiulian, Jihyun Park, Seh-Lynn Chai, Gabe Dannenbring, Brian Grazer, David Brooks, Jenn Drummond, Russell Brunson, Malcolm Gladwell, and Bernie Swain.

Season 33

Episode 321
Mathias Döpfner

Mathias Döpfner, CEO of Axel Springer SE, joins Scott Miller for an discussion on the decline of democracy around the world and the need for a new approach to trade policy.

Episode 322
Sasha DiGiulian

The view of life from 3000 feet or higher can offer you some pretty interesting perspectives on what it takes to hang on, let go, and conquer life’s hardest climbs. Join author and champion climber Sasha DiGiulian as she emphasizes the importance of breaking down big goals into achievable steps and surrounding oneself with people who complement one’s weaknesses.

Episode 323
Jihyun Park & Seh-Lynn Chai

Hard is not a harrowing enough word to describe Jihyun Park’s journey, but it’s also simple, true, and accuate. Join Jihyun Park and Seh-Lynn Chai, authors of The Hard Road Out: One Woman’s Escape from North Korea, for a discussion that will make you truly appreciate the privileges we take for granted in democratic societies.

Episode 324
Gabe Dannenbring

If you’re looking for insights on how to effectively build and manage your social media presence while staying true to your core values, this is the conversation for you. South Dakotan middle school science teacher and social media phenomenon, Gabe Dannenbring joins us to share what he’s learned from balancing his career as a teacher with maintaining a following of more than 2 million across various platforms.

Episode 325
Brian Grazer

Perseverance and determination play a powerful role in bringing your vision to life. That is one of several key insights offered up by multiple Academy Award-winning producer and New York Times bestselling author, Brian Grazer, in his conversation On Leadership.

Episode 326
David Brooks

This episode is a must-listen before you go to your next dinner party, barbeque, one-on-one, or coffee date with a friend. Highly respected opinion writer, columnist, and bestselling author David Brooks joins us for a candid conversation about the art of truly getting to know those around you.

Episode 327
Jenn Drummond

World record holder Jenn Drummond’s story is both herculean and unrelatable. But in this bestselling author’s new book BreakProof: Seven Strategies to Build Resilience and Achieve Your Life Goals, Jenn shares powerful lessons that apply to and inspire all of us to summit our own metaphorical or literal mountains in life.

Episode 328
Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson, the serial entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author, and founder of ClickFunnels, breaks down the sales funnel process in a way that anyone can put it to work for them in their business.

Episode 329
Malcolm Gladwell

Joy is a choice you can, and should, make each day. At least that’s the stance taken by award-winning journalist, renowned speaker, and New York Times bestselling author, Malcolm Gladwell. Malcolm discusses the future of work and the importance of organizational culture in a changing landscape, emphasizing the power of overstories and the impact they have on shaping communities and organizations.

Episode 330
Bernie Swain

The connection you make with your audience is a number one priority for any speaker or presenter. Author and co-founder of the Washington Speakers Bureau, Bernie Swain, shares this and other tactical tips to help you take your presentation skills to the next level in this episode of On Leadership with Scott Miller.

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