Heather White

FranklinCovey Senior Consultant

Heather White has a passion for helping others unleash their full potential to generate maximum performance and productivity.

As a former Theater major, Heather is comfortable on the “facilitation stage” where she uses energy, “straight talk”, and empowerment to help leaders at all levels create lasting behavior changes. Heather brings over twenty-five years of people development, sales management experience, and operational excellence in both the private and public sectors to Franklin Covey.

Heather previously served as a senior leader at a telecom company with a market capitalization of $165B. She led countless people initiatives that helped position the organization to grow at exponential rates, now exceeding $80B in annual revenues.

Most recently, Heather led organizational development for a local municipality in Arizona that was voted “Best Place to Live in Arizona in 2022.” Heather’s footprints are pronounced in this town where the population has increased by over 770% in the past three decades.

Heather has been an end-to-end owner of the employee lifecycle, administered performance evaluation, goal setting, and succession planning programs, and curated career roadmaps for aspiring and new-in-role leaders.

Heather specializes in the areas of leadership, productivity, and trust. She has also served at the forefront of creating more diverse, equitable, and inclusive cultures in both the private and public sectors. She is currently pursuing a Master’s in Public Policy. One of her favorite pieces of Franklin Covey’s content is Unconscious Bias.

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