FranklinCovey On Leadership

Season 5 features interviews with Whitney Johnson, Randy Illig, Scott Miller, Todd Davis, Susan David, Shawn Moon, Laura Vanderkam, Guy Kawasaki, Pamela Fuller, and Stephanie McMahon.

Season 5

Episode 41
Whitney Johnson

Join author and innovation expert Whitney Johnson to discover how to systematically disrupt yourself, and what you can do this afternoon to build a team of highly engaged “A” players.

Episode 42
Randy Illig

Join sales expert and Forbes columnist Randy Illig as he outlines how leaders can consistently hit their targets, while creating a distinctive buying experience for their customers.

Episode 43
Scott Miller

Let’s face it: leadership is hard and often relentless. Join Scott Miller, FranklinCovey executive vice president, as he discusses the danger of embarking on the leadership path without careful consideration.

Episode 44
Todd Davis

Join Todd Davis, FranklinCovey’s chief people officer and coauthor of the forthcoming book Everyone Deserves a Great Manager. Todd discusses the current trends in attracting and engaging talent, including the surprising issue that leaders say is their biggest challenge.

Episode 45
Susan David

Join Susan David, Harvard Medical School psychologist and #1 bestselling author, to learn how to deal with emotions to become productive, thriving, and adaptable.

Episode 46
Shawn Moon

Join Shawn Moon, author of the forthcoming book Leading Loyalty, as he shares how leaders can empower frontline employees to increase customer loyalty by using the principles of empathy, responsibility, and generosity.

Episode 47
Laura Vanderkam

Join Laura Vanderkam, author of What The Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, to learn how to make the best use of your early hours, with morning makeover tips that fit the realities of your life.

Episode 48
Guy Kawasaki

Join Guy Kawasaki, bestselling author and former chief evangelist at Apple, as he shares some of his uproarious stories and most valuable life lessons, including why quitting can be a sign of courage.

Episode 49
Pamela Fuller

Join Pamela Fuller, FranklinCovey’s lead author of our new Unconscious Bias monograph, as she shares how leaders can identify implicit bias and its impact on results and engagement, then take action using the skills of empathy, curiosity, and courage.

Episode 50
Stephanie McMahon

Join Stephanie McMahon, chief brand officer of WWE, as she shares a behind-the-scenes look at how her team is growing one of the most successful media brands in the world.

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