Strikingly Different Selling

6 Vital Skills to Stand Out and Sell More

Everyone thinks they’re different. No one wants to be average.

Yet, to clients, salespeople often don’t stand out at all, leading to average win rates of a dismal 17% globally.

What’s going wrong?

Until now, there have been lots of questions and rarely any helpful answers.

Strikingly Different Selling reveals a simple formula and six vital skills to outperform your competitors and radically change your client interactions and results.

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3 Ways Your Team Can Stand Out and Sell More in 2024

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Stand Out. Sell More.

Equip your sales organization with the systems and skills they need to stand out and sell more.

Strikingly Different Message House

Whether you’ve just started on your career or you’re at the top of your game, go from being just one of the crowd to the superior choice.

1: Capture Attention With Verbal Billboards

2: Create Excitement With Movie Trailers

3: Build Confidence With Flashbacks and Flashforwards

4: Become Essential With Why Us! Differentiators

5: Get Curious and Find the Gaps

6: Navigate Traffic Lights and Close the Gaps

Watch as Randy Illig shares how sales leaders can create a culture of selling within their organization.

Empower individuals and leaders, both personally and professionally.

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