For over two decades FranklinCovey has offered the 7 Habits on the Inside to every type of inmate, at every level of custody.

Implementing the 7 Habits on the Inside changes prison culture.

The 7 Habits on the Inside is an evidence-based program proven to decrease recidivism from the 50% range down to 8%-9%. Incident reports decrease by 75%-85%. The end result, the prison is safer for both staff and inmates. It decreases recidivism because the 7 Habits is an inside-out process. True change always starts from within.  It provides hope to inmates that their life can change. We like to say, “It makes bad men good, and good men better.”

The same applies to women. The program is very unique in that both inmates and staff may go through the program although in separate tracks. For staff, it forges stronger relationships at home and at work, and it creates work-life balance.

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Customer Stories

City of Provo

Transforming Culture Through Trust

The City of Provo was experiencing tremendous growth and an influx in business and investments. See how they transform their culture and keep the positive momentum going with The Speed of Trust®.

City of Henderson

Focusing on Continual Improvement

Henderson City’s mission and vision was to be America’s premier community. See how the city adopted The 7 Habits as a foundational course to achieve their goals.

Gwinnett Medical Center

Raising Satisfcation Scores

In the midst of building a new addition to their hospital, Gwinnett Medical Center was determined to raise patient satisfaction scores concurrently. Watch their journey as their staff identifies objectives, outlines strategy, and maintains the focus to carry it out.

City of Aurora Police Department

Reducing Gun Violence

When the City of Aurora Police Department made the goal to reduce gun violence by 70 percent over a span of two years, they turned to FranklinCovey’s xQ survey for help.

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