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Live-Online Work Sessions
High-quality instruction in convenient online work sessions.



High-quality instruction in convenient

online work sessions.


FranklinCovey’s virtual classrooms offer rich experiences with the high-quality instruction of FranklinCovey in-person training built into convenient virtual work sessions.


They feature compelling content, award-winning videos, engaging activities, and interactive communication with a live instructor—either a FranklinCovey consultant or a certified facilitator within your organization.


In our 10+ years of Live-Online delivery experience, we’ve taught over 500,000 people in nearly 30,000 Live-Online work sessions and certified thousands of facilitators.


The combination of our facilitator certification, virtual delivery platforms, and engaging instructional design help our clients achieve Net Promoter Scores for Live-Online training equal to those of live in-person training.

“I have a tendency to get distracted in webinars easily. This kept me engaged and the day went by quickly.”

FranklinCovey Live-Online Attendee
Our Live-Online work put high-quality FranklinCovey training into an easily accessible format.

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Making the move to online

Many organizations are moving some, or all, of their training to Live-Online. Live-online work sessions are an excellent delivery method and, when done well, can be just as impactful as live in-person training.

Live-online training gives organizations the ability to:


·         Address the needs of an increasing number of virtual employees who don’t work together in an office.

·         Eliminate the cost of travel and use those savings to address larger populations.

·         Create more robust blended learning solutions.

·         Reach more employees and decrease their time away from the office.


Expand your training initiatives with a wide selection of Live-Online work sessions.

Every award-winning FranklinCovey program we’re known for in a live in-person format is also available Live-Online. Each has been carefully tailored for the unique needs of a virtual audience. Each program comes complete with electronic participant guides and tools—or if you choose, you can purchase hard-copy materials and ship them directly to your learners.



Our expert instructional designers have created Live-Online solutions of over 40 FranklinCovey titles, including our most popular solutions, such as:


·         The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People® Signature Edition 4.0

·         Leading at the Speed of Trust®

·         The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership®

·         The 6 Critical Practices for Leading a Team™

·         The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity®


All Live-Online content solutions are built on our LiveClicks® platform, powered by Adobe® Connect. Additionally, many titles have been built to work on the Zoom® platform.

All Access Pass® Benefit


Passholders can access the Live-Online content and LiveClicks delivery platform in their pass immediately. For more information, contact your FranklinCovey client partner or implementation specialist.

Determine Who Delivers

To ensure a high-quality experience, consider engaging with FranklinCovey in one of two ways:

Experienced learning and development professionals understand that the quality of any learning experience is most heavily influenced by a facilitator’s knowledge of the content and their ability to transfer that knowledge to the learners.


To ensure a high-quality experience, consider engaging with FranklinCovey in one of two ways:

“Having facilitated virtual courses on different platforms, FranklinCovey’s Live-Online classes are beyond compare in their ability to keep learners engaged. And, FranklinCovey makes it easy to learn how to facilitate courses very quickly.”

FranklinCovey Live-Online Facilitator

1. Engage a FranklinCovey Consultant

FranklinCovey has a team of more than 150 delivery consultants who deliver thousands of Live-Online and live in-person programs each year. These experts are certified in all of our content solutions and experienced in virtual delivery.

Clients typically choose this when they want to:


• Access a subject matter expert, an unbiased voice, or outside perspective

• Engage a group quickly to improve performance

• Run a pilot session to preview the solution and the virtual experience

• Partner with an experienced FranklinCovey consultant to co-facilitate with a new facilitator

• Add additional bench-strength to a small or stretched internal facilitation staff to complete an initiative in a timely manner.


2. Become Certified to Teach

FranklinCovey has made the same tools and resources used by our own consultants available to each of our clients. You can have confidence that each of your facilitators will be able to deliver high-quality Live-Online experiences.

Clients typically choose this when they want to:


·         Build capability with internal facilitators

·         Leverage internal resources for a large-scale training initiative

·         Create a team of internal experts who can continue to coach and reinforce training over time




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