Leverage Resilience for Results

Leadership Insights to Execute Strategy
& Maximize Sales Growth

With Jennifer Colosimo & Chris McChesney

Join FranklinCovey’s Strategy Execution and Sales Leadership Experts, Jennifer Colosimo and Chris McChesney as they discuss a pillar of successful organizations: leveraging resilience for results.   

Organizational resilience encompasses the capacity to adapt, learn, and effectively progress in both favorable and challenging circumstances. It not only flows from effective mindsets and behaviors but also from the stability of an execution system and proven sales process.  

Leaders of these organizations know how to turn their strategy execution into their organization’s competitive advantage. This advantage is compounded when their focus, and that of their sales teams, begins to shift away from themselves and more towards helping their clients succeed.  

Join Jennifer and Chris as they discuss:  

  • How to turn strategy execution from feeling like painful compliance to becoming your organization’s competitive advantage.  
  • How to utilize a process to maximize sales by helping clients succeed, allowing your organization to stand out. 
  • The skills needed to effectively blend strategy execution with a proven sales process to create unparalleled success.  
  • Research-backed leadership insights to help enhance mindsets, skillsets, and behaviors to consistently win as an organization.  

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