Executive Coaching

The Key to Success for Executives

There is a reason the best organizations in the world provide executive coaching to their leaders. Whether they need to prepare leaders for transition, develop critical skills, mediate specific behaviors, or support continued success, executive coaching provides immediate results and prepares leaders for the future.

Coaching has proven to be one of the most effective tools to create permanent and positive behavioral change in leaders. Rooted in proven industry best practices and drawing from our best-in-class content, FranklinCovey’s coaching methodology is cutting edge and effective. Our engagement success is consistently rated greater than 95%, head and shoulders above industry averages.

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My coach was terrific, as I transitioned into a new role. She was candid and insightful and enabled me to tease out issues, with which I was grappling, and develop strategies to address them. I truly enjoyed our time together and am grateful for the benefit of her wisdom and expertise.

— VP Government Affairs, Global Pharmaceutical Company

Our Methodology

FranklinCovey offers a professional services firm approach to executive coaching with a time-bound process where alignment and partnership are the keys to success. Our coaching methodology is a data-driven experience where success is measured against preset objectives.

Whether your leaders need to develop executive presence, executive-level communication, financial acumen, or build strategic working relationships—the FranklinCovey Executive Coaching Methodology is flexible to your organization’s unique needs and circumstances.

Our Process

  • 1. Aligning Objectives and Defining Success
    • Initial Consult and Coach Match
    • Initial Coach/Candidate Match
    • Sponsor Team Meeting
      • Discuss objectives and define success with: Manager, Candidate, HR/Talent, and Coach
  • 2. Data Collection and Relationship Building
    • Candidate Data
      • Life/Career history
      • Psychometric assessment
      • 360° interviews and/or survey
      • Competency models and internal reviews
    • Business Knowledge and Data
      • Internal: culture, business strategy, talent strategy, role success, performance indicators
      • External: industry, climate, competitors, wild cards
  • 3. Data Debriefing and Behavioral Coaching
    • Debrief With Purpose of Creating Behavioral Change Items
      • Leverage strengths
      • Develop opportunity areas
      • Mitigate deficit areas
    • Meet Approximately Every Three Weeks to Allow Candidate Time to Practice Change
    • Follow-up Sponsor Team Meeting (Mid-Phase 3)
    • Pulse Check (360°) Survey at Conclusion of Phase 3
  • 4. Transition and Sustainability
    • Action Planning
      • Create a formal, written development plan.
      • Candidate presents a draft to their manager.
    • Formal Transition Meetings With Sponsor Team
      • Assign support roles
      • Schedule follow-up meetings between candidate and sponsor team
    • Final Meeting Between Coach and Candidate

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When you engage FranklinCovey’s executive coaching services, you’re buying a result, not just a set number of hours. If your result requires more, or less, one on one time, our methodology is flexible. In this way, we are just as committed to achieving the end result as you are.

Whether you need to coach one executive or one thousand, our methodology and capabilities are highly reliable and scalable. Leverage our wide breadth of coaches from across industries and their vast intellectual diversity to prepare your leaders for today, tomorrow, and beyond.

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