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Haydn Shaw, Senior Consultant

A master presenter with FranklinCovey, Haydn Shaw has delivered hundreds of convention keynotes or small, off-site workshops. Known for taking groups from hilarity to deep reflection, he combines rich content with use-tomorrow tools. His work makes an impact because he does his homework, customizing each speech, workshop or consultation so that they drive results. 
He has worked with more than 1,000 business, not-for-profit, and governmental organizations. He speaks and consults in excess of 160 days each year to clients who consistently invite him back. As a result, Haydn connects with virtually any group in any industry, and brings practical and inspiring examples from the boardroom and the front line.
Hailed as a “leadership guru” by the Washington Post, Haydn has worked as a senior consultant with FranklinCovey for over twenty years. Haydn is also one of five FranklinCovey consultants featured in the prominent Leading Authorities and Premiere Speaker’s Bureaus. He is one of a handful of consultants in FranklinCovey to win the Chairman’s Award,  and the results from his long term organizational development and change projects have been written up in case studies. 
He is also the author of Sticking Points: How to Get Four Generations Working Together in the 12 Places They Come Apart to be released August 1, 2013.
Haydn specializes in leadership and management development, change management, generational differences, and personal productivity: 
Leadership and Management Development. One of the designers of FranklinCovey’s signature leadership workshop, he specializes in leadership effectiveness and development, helping both organizations and leaders spend more time leading and less time managing! Haydn has taught The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People more than 1,000 times and is still as excited today as he was when he started about how it combines principles of effectiveness with practical tools.
Change Management. After years of helping leaders navigate change, Haydn developed his advice into workshops to provide real-world, practical tools for leaders in the Leading Through the 6 Change Reactions and all employees in the Understanding The 6 Change Reactions: Making Change Faster and Easier for All of Us. 
Generational Differences. Haydn heads up FranklinCovey’s work with Generations. He is the author of Leading Across Generations®, FranklinCovey’s best-selling workshop and two-hour webinar as well as their Working Across Generations workshop for all employees. He has delivered his hilarious keynote speeches on generations to thousands around the world. 
Personal Productivity. He has helped over 100,000 people discover what matters most, manage their time and energy, and deal with the overwhelming flow of information.
Trust. From its release in 2008, Haydn has taught thousands the Speed of Trust workshops or keynotes and helped numerous organizations improve their trust by implementing FranklinCovey’s proven methodology.
Haydn lives in a multi-generational household in Frankfort, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Haydn, his wife Laurie, and her disabled brother are Boomer/Gen Xers. Their four teenagers are Millennials. His mother-in-law is a Traditionalist. He has forced three of his four Millennials to attend the three-day Seven Habits of Highly Effective People workshop the summer before they headed off to college; they now thank him regularly.