Curtis Bateman



Curtis Bateman

General Manager, UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria



Curtis Bateman brings 25 years of experience in the training industry, as a presenter, content developer, coach, consultant, sales leader, and business leader.


Formerly the president and CEO at Red Tree Leadership, Curtis managed the world-class brand Who Moved My Cheese? Recognizing client needs for more comprehensive change solutions, Curtis orchestrated a management buyout of the business and expanded their solutions around change, leadership, and Millennials. As a co-author of [email protected] and co-contributor, Curtis and his team created a practical, tool-based approach to help individuals and leaders succeed with an ever-complex world of change in the workplace.

“If there is no stillness, there is no silence. If there is no silence, there is no insight. If there is no insight, there is no clarity.”

Tenzin Priyardarshi

FranklinCovey acquired Red Tree Leadership in 2014 and Curtis joined as a senior change consultant and co-practice leader. In 2016 Curtis became managing director of the UK and Ireland, and in 2018 was asked to assume additional management responsibilities of Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.


Early in his career, Curtis spent 10 years in the software industry selling to multi-national clients and running a corporation’s non-USA operations from their UK hub. Curtis was integral to the strategic repositioning of the business from traditional bricks and mortar subscription software into online subscription tools used in the online gaming and music industries.

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