4DX Operating System
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A self-paced approach to implementing The 4 Disciplines of Execution with your team.
With this new operating system, go as quickly or as slowly through 4DX as you need. Each discipline can be accessed at four different levels that build on one another.
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You’ll get up to speed fast... and not just on the basics! You and your team will learn the nuances and key insights to the universal principles of execution.
With 15 years of helping more than 2,000 organizations implement The 4 Disciplines , this is where the magic happens. For each discipline we will take you through a step-by-step process to take the complexity out of execution.
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One of the most powerful aspects of 4DX is how it involves the team. In this section we get you and your team into the exercises that get the best answers and the greatest engagement.
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It’s one thing to have a great execution plan, it’s another to have a working process for execution. In the “Create” section you take the work you are doing in “Apply” and “Facilitate” and you drop it right into an easy-to-use system for running the 4 Disciplines on a daily and weekly basis.
“We built the 4 Disciplines Operating System because we wanted to do more than teach you the concepts. The really important lessons are in how you are applying the disciplines. In 4DX OS, we are taking you from concept to running the process with your own execution system…while saving you the 15 years of trial and error that we’ve been through.”
Chris McChesney Author - The 4 Disciplines
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