Employee Loyalty and Engagement (ELE) Solution
Customer Loyalty

Transform your team into loyal and engaged employees.    


Are you building a culture that inspires and ignites your employees?

FranklinCovey believes the attitudes and behaviors of your employees are the essential ingredients in delighting customers.


Employees who are loyal to their organization and their supervisors also drive loyalty from the customers they interact with. To transform employees into enthusiastic promoters of your organization, they must have trust in your organization and feel like valued members of a winning team pursuing an important mission.

“When it comes to consumer expectations for great experiences, there are several tactics a brand can use to woo a customer… 73% want friendly employees.”  link

Oracle Customer Experience Impact Report

The Solution

When employee loyalty drives customer loyalty you’ll see faster growth!

What’s Different about the FranklinCovey ELE Process? Bottom-Up vs. Top-Down. While we provide an executive summary of the results, the power in the ELE process works through a bottom-up action planning process.


Using a brief web-based employee survey to measure employee loyalty and engagement we can effectively train supervisors using the survey results to develop custom action plans. By delivering the right tools to help managers identify ways to engage their teams to delight every customer, we can focus on areas of success and opportunities for improvement at all levels of the organization with bottom-up action planning.    

“The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.” 

-Peter F. Drucker


A culture focused on listening and improving—wins.

Clear feedback on what to continue doing well and what to improve is a gift from your team to you as a manager. Choosing to see feedback this way allows you to shift your paradigm regarding the typical negative sentiment associated with feedback. If you take time to study the ELE report and really listen to your team, you will build greater loyalty with your team, and with your customers.