Leading At The Speed of Trust


Cultures of trust can only thrive aboveboard.

Trust isn’t a quality you either have or you don’t, it’s a learnable skill. Teams and organizations that operate with high trust significantly outperform those who do not cultivate trust at the core of their culture.


Developing trust helps team members become energized and engaged. They collaborate more effectively, operate faster, and achieve sustainable results.    

“Extending trust is the ultimate act of leadership, the defining skill that transforms a manager into a leader.”

-Stephen M. R. Covey

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The Solution

Trust comes with practice.

COMPLEX organizational problems cannot be solved with the stroke of a pen, a leadership mandate, a training program, restructuring, or changing a system. These things can be helpful, however, all grand strategies must eventually degenerate down to real work done by real people.


The Speed of Trust Transformation Process™ is leverage that dramatically impacts business outcomes through changing the performance of individuals and teams. This is not a separate initiative, rather, it is about HOW individuals and teams do their current work. Creating a high trust, highly engaged culture is the ultimate, long-term competitive advantage.


Our Transformation Process drives a scalable, simple methodology that easily guides individuals, leaders, and organizations to become explicit and deliberate about creating a high trust, highly engaged culture focused on results.

“The Speed of Trust is the best training program I have seen—it is not a training program, it is a process of managing.  It is the only offering I have seen that spans all functions.”

-Al Carey, CEO, Frito Lay

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