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Make it easy to launch, manage, and measure your learning initiatives with FranklinCovey Facilitated Courses on the Impact platform

Are you leveraging the power of the Impact Platform for your FranklinCovey Facilitated courses? If not, you are missing out on compelling features and engagement opportunities for your organization. Skills diagnostics, helpful reminders, comprehensive reinforcement, and cohort-based learning provide everything your teams need to accelerate their skills development.

360 Diagnostic

We help you deploy the 360 diagnostics to your learners to establish a baseline of skills for your organization and work with you to choose the right solutions that build your learning culture. In addition, the 360 diagnostic provides recommendations that both leaders and individual contributors can use to design their personal development plans.

Cohort-Based Learning

Your team at FranklinCovey will take care of building and scheduling all your cohorts. Just send us your learner roster, and we will register them and send automated emails with calendars and reminders of their upcoming training sessions. Cohorts are a great way for employees to support and hold each other accountable as they hone new skills. Your people can encourage each other and grow together as they share what has helped them.

Application Challenges

Session playlists on their homepage provide learners easy access to all the materials they need for their course. Automated application challenges will encourage learners to take what they learned in class, practice it with an accountability buddy, and apply it in the real world.

Learner missed a session? No problem! We automatically send them the resources they need to get up to speed. And at the end of the course, we send spaced emails full of practices and challenges to reinforce the behaviors you want to instill in your culture.

Comprehensive Reinforcement

How do we know the learning and reinforcement are making an impact? An updated 360 diagnostic will automatically go out to your learners and their respondents to reassess the specific skills covered during their FranklinCovey facilitated course. Yes—automatically. You simply sit back and analyze the results in your live dashboard.

Engage Your Learners With the FranklinCovey Impact Platform

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