Drive Learner Activation and Adoption With Self-Directed Learning

Successful leaders understand that to achieve results, you must provide personalized learning for each individual and drive collective behavior change.

As always, our partnership includes a wide range of learning opportunities—live training, certification, self-directed learning, and coaching—with these two objectives in mind.

For self-directed growth and development, our interactive Impact Platform and Weekly Tips Newsletter allow your learners to address their most pressing personal and professional development needs.

As we learned in behavior three of Building Exceptional Leaders in Uncertain Times, setting up your team to get results means planning goals with them rather than for them. Including your team members’ voices leads to more investment in how the goal connects to the outcomes you strive to achieve.

People who take ownership of their objectives and growth are empowered to drive their own development. The FranklinCovey learning experience puts the learner in the driver’s seat from the moment they open their inbox. Here are three new ways FranklinCovey can help with adoption and activation within your organization.

The Weekly Tips Newsletter: Growth Opportunities Integrated Into the Daily Workflow

The Weekly Tips Newsletter is a rich and friendly gateway to a wealth of On Demand learning resources. Each week, subscribers receive a variety of interactive microlearning activities to improve their skills and enhance their overall effectiveness.

The newsletter offers impactful topics, such as One Simple Way, a practical quick tip with a call to action, and Level Up, an invitation to participate in a course or e-learning. These, along with many other features, rotate on a weekly basis to provide relevance and variety delivered right to the learner’s inbox.

Personalized Learning Experiences: Quickly Focus on the Skills That Matter Most

Creating a learning culture involves giving learners a voice in determining the skills that are most important for their growth. When learners have a say in their development, they are more likely to feel engaged and motivated which leads to an increase in adoption and personal success. The Impact Platform helps them get there.

The moment they log in, learners are greeted with three simple questions to begin their personalized learning experience.

  1. What’s your main professional development goal right now?

2. What are your top challenges or interests?

3. Which two skills do you want to improve?

Recommendations are served to the learner with a convenient link to subscribe.

The Impact Platform homepage is thoughtfully designed to highlight relevant and trending topics from our microlearning catalog and newsletter. Additionally, it provides course recommendations based on our learners’ preferences and interests.

Get Started Today—Deploying the Impact Platform in Your Organization has Never Been Easier

Implementing learning at all levels of an organization can greatly impact employee engagement and retention. Many leaders don’t have the time and resources to successfully deploy organization-wide learning. Fortunately, we can help. At FranklinCovey, your integrated account team can have your organization up and running with a clear strategy for activation and adoption within weeks. Reach out to your client partner or implementation strategist to learn more.

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