Implementation Specialists

Phoebe McKinney

Your Implementation Specialist Can Help You Get the Most Out Of Your Pass

As a passholder, you are assigned an implementation specialist to help you design and rollout our solutions throughout teams, departments, and entire organizations. Utilizing their deep subject-matter expertise, implementation specialists help you identify the content, teaching modalities, and impact journeys that best drive your desired business outcomes. This hand-selected team comes from a wide variety of backgrounds and includes organizational development experts, PhDs, delivery consultants, business owners, and HR/Learning and Development leaders.

Implementation specialists will also help find resources to address specific issues or challenges you may have, orient you to the portal, and assist your facilitators on how to access delivery resources and content through our virtual certification.

Implementation specialists can help you:

  • Identify clear, measurable success criteria
  • Diagnose circumstances and determine the right combinations of content    
  • Map All Access Pass competencies specific to outcomes 
  • Provide templates and support for implementation    
  • Develop rich impact journeys to drive learning to results    
  • Help orient facilitators to the portal and Virtual Certification    
  • Conduct quarterly and annual business reviews
  • Build a business case to share with your executives    

There’s no additional cost. Implementation specialists are included in your subscription.

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