Introducing FranklinCovey’s Navigating Difficult Conversations: Turn Tension Into Progress™

What conversations are your people avoiding—or not having well? It’s common for people to feel unprepared or afraid to address challenging issues. They’re worried about the other person’s reactions, hurt feelings, and the whole conversation derailing when strong emotions arise.   

While avoiding difficult conversations may lead to temporary relief, the true underlying issues persist, eventually building into larger problems such as decreased productivity, damaged relationships and team dynamics, a culture of disrespect, and lower overall organizational results. 

Introducing Navigating Difficult Conversations: Turn Tension Into Progress

In FranklinCovey’s new module, Navigating Difficult Conversations: Turn Tension Into Progress™, learners will discover how to manage emotional tension and conduct conversations in a way that enables all parties to stay engaged in collaborative dialogue. Learners will shift their mindset from fearing and avoiding difficult conversations to seeing them as the way to make progress on important issues. And they’ll develop the skills to build trust and respect in every relationship as they navigate sensitive topics. 

Learners will discover how to: 

  • Create a strong foundation for difficult conversations by setting a clear and collaborative tone that balances their own and others’ needs. 
  • Understand that emotional reactions are a natural, human response.     
  • Practice a range of tactics to respond in the moment to help everyone stay engaged and make progress. 

Learning how to effectively address challenging issues is where meaningful growth happens—both for your learners and your organization. It’s not just about solving immediate problems but also building a foundation for open and honest communication and continuously improving to achieve better results. 

Navigating Difficult Conversations: Turn Tension Into Progress will be available in your FranklinCovey All Access Pass on Tuesday, February 20, 2024.  

We can’t wait for your team to implement the module soon! To learn more, contact your client partner or visit the course page here.

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