Making Your Learning Experience Platform and AAP Play Nicely

Tracy Lecuyer

With the desire to make training and development goals easier and more accessible for learners, many All Access Pass® clients have started to use learning experience platforms (LXP) like Degreed and EdCast to structure their leadership development programs into one centralized learning hub.

If you’re using an LXP, or even considering it, you may be wondering how you can effectively incorporate content from the All Access Pass. The process is easier than you might think. Both platforms require curation of a plan or pathway of content for learners, and this where we can help you by integrating with the All Access Pass.

Setting up the Integration

When integrating AAP content, it’s important to note how Degreed and EdCast work. There are two options for integrating FranklinCovey’s AAP into your LXP.

The first option is mixing in FranklinCovey content into your existing learning pathway. For example, one AAP administrator who uses Degreed added links to Unconscious Bias modules and Jhana® articles to the learning path they had created for their learners.

The second way is to create a button that links directly to specific AAP content learners can click on. This could be, for example, a button labeled “Emotional Intelligence” linked to the Developing Emotional Intelligence On Demand Impact Journey or direct links to On Demand 7 Habits of Highly Effective People® modules. This is more a prescriptive option which can create more accountability. And increased accountability leads to increased effectiveness and usage

Structure the Content

Providing structure to your LXP platform is key to getting engagement from your learners. When setting up your content plan, identify what areas employees in your organization need to work on. Stay in close contact with leaders across your organization to learn what skills need further development within their teams. Pinpoint what content would be most valuable to your organization. If you’re unsure what solutions would best meet your needs, reach out to your Implementation Specialist for their expertise.

Create Accountability with Rewards

After you’ve integrated and structured AAP into your LXP, the most challenging part is keeping your learners engaged. Your LXP may offer tools to help, with features such as gamification and badging credentials that can be displayed on social networks. You may also consider contests and scoreboards, with giveaways for participants who reach their previously established goals. No matter what reward system you use, finding a creative way to hold your learners accountable prevents them from turning to Google as their L&D resource.


Incorporating content from the All Access Pass into your learning experience platform can simplify learning and development for your teams, while streamlining your workflow and allowing you to build in accountability and fun. If you have questions about integrating AAP with your LXP, your Implementation Specialist and our Digital Solutions Partners are here to help.

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