The FranklinCovey 360 Diagnostic: A Catalyst for Growth

Don’t let your learners miss out on the benefits 

When you engage your learners with the 360 Diagnostic, they have the invaluable opportunity to gain a comprehensive view of their performance and growth potential. This holistic approach to feedback encompasses not only their self-diagnostic but also feedback from their manager, colleagues, and even external perspectives from mentors, clients, or industry experts. This multifaceted input fosters a well-rounded understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. 

By embracing feedback from all angles, individuals can identify their blind spots and uncover hidden talents and untapped potential. This inclusive feedback loop not only promotes personal growth but also encourages collaboration and transparency within the organization. 

The 360 Diagnostic benefits individual learners and contributes to a culture of continuous improvement. It empowers organizations to adapt, evolve, and thrive by harnessing the collective wisdom and insights of their workforce. In this way, the 360 Diagnostic becomes a catalyst for organizational development and success, measuring behavior change over time and driving both individual and collective excellence. 

360 Coaching 

FranklinCovey’s 360 Diagnostic provides insight and great feedback, but it can be overwhelming for some. A coaching session can help the individual process feedback, identify key themes, and prioritize areas for development. 

The benefits of a 360 Coaching Session are: 

  • Greater self-awareness: Coaching helps leaders develop greater self-awareness, which is critical for effective leadership. By understanding their strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots, leaders can more effectively manage their teams and achieve their goals. 
  • Personalized guidance: Coaching can provide personalized guidance and support that is tailored to the individuals’ specific needs and goals. This can help individuals address areas of improvement identified in the 360 Diagnostic and develop new skills or behaviors that enhance their leadership effectiveness. Coaches can help individuals focus on the most important areas for development and prioritize the actions needed to achieve their goals. 
  • Increased accountability, motivation, and confidence: A coaching session can help individuals stay accountable for their development goals and progress. Coaches provide support, encouragement, and feedback that help people stay motivated and focused on their goals. This can help individuals achieve better results and make a greater impact in their role. 

Combining the profound insights of a certified coach with the illuminating results of the 360 Diagnostic sets the stage for a transformative journey for your learners. This dynamic combination enriches their learning experience and provides invaluable knowledge and self-awareness that serve as a foundation for personal and professional growth. 

To learn more about the FranklinCovey 360 Diagnostic and our certified coaches, contact your client partner or implementation strategist today. 

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