Master Mentors Volume 2

Elevate your personal mindset, life skills, and career toolset with Scott Jeffrey Miller, host of FranklinCovey’s On Leadership podcast.

FranklinCovey’s OnLeadership With Scott Miller Podcast Presents Master Mentors Volume 2

Elevate your personal mindset, life skills, and career toolset with Scott Jeffrey Miller, host of FranklinCovey’s global podcast, On Leadership, as he personally introduces you to 30 Master Mentors and their most Transformational Insights. Ready to change your life?

Now in the second volume of the series, Scott adds 30 new transformative insights to the Master Mentors library in concise, easy-to-read chapters for anyone short on time, highly challenged, or facing a critical life or career decision.

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Meet the Volume 2 Master Mentors
Master Mentor #31
Zafar Masud

What’s Next?

Master Mentor #32
Bobby Herrera

Be a Transition Figure

Master Mentor #33
Marie Forleo

Everything is Figureoutable

Master Mentor #34
Sean Covey

Self-Worth, Self-Esteem, and Self-Confidence

Master Mentor #35
Tasha Eurich


Master Mentor #36
Colin Cowie

The Gold Standard

Master Mentor #37
Tiffany Aliche

There’s No Such Thing As ‘Overnight Success’

Master Mentor #38
Turia Pitt

Asking For, And Accepting, Help

Master Mentor #39
BJ Fogg

Tiny Habits

Master Mentor #40
Erica Dhawan

Be Intentional About Your Virtual Presence

Master Mentor #41
Chester Elton

Anxiety in the Workplace

Master Mentor #42
Julian Treasure

Listen to the Listening

Master Mentor #43
Patty McCord

What Language Are You Speaking?

Master Mentor #44
Greg Moore

Sharing the Journey

Master Mentor #45
Madeline Levine


Master Mentor #46
Jon Gordon

Tell the Truth Mondays

Master Mentor #47
Patrick Bet-David

Your Future Truth

Master Mentor #48
Rita McGrath

Seeing Around Corners

Master Mentor #49
Geoffrey Moore

Crossing the Chasm

Master Mentor #50
Joel Peterson

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Master Mentor #51
Guy Kawasaki

A Buffet of Good Advice

Master Mentor #52
Michael Hyatt

Your Productivity System

Master Mentor #53
Julie Morgenstern

Time to Parent

Master Mentor #54
David Sibbet

Visual Communication

Master Mentor #55
Leena Rinne

Learn the Hidden Story

Master Mentor #56
Jon Huntsman, Jr.

Hard Work Still Matters

Master Mentor #57
Martin Lindstrom

Uncommon Sense

Master Mentor #58
Alex Osterwalder

Knowing the Business of Your Business

Master Mentor #59
Kory Kogon

Busy as a Badge

Master Mentor #60
Ed Mylett

What’s Your Kit Car?

Scott Jeffrey Miller

About the Author

Senior Advisor

Scott currently serves as FranklinCovey’s senior advisor on thought leadership, leading the strategy and development of the firm’s speakers bureau, as well as the publication of podcasts, webcasts, and bestselling books.

Host & Author

Scott is the host of FranklinCovey’s On Leadership With Scott Miller podcast series, the world’s largest and fastest-growing weekly leadership podcast, and a Wall Street Journal bestselling author.


Scott is originally from Winter Park, Florida. He currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, with his wife, three precocious sons, and two begrudgingly-loved dogs.

Master Mentors Volume 1

Check out Volume 1 in the series and meet the first 30 Master Mentors. Featuring a transformative insight from Mentors such as Nick Vujicic, Susan David, Dorie Clark, Anne Chow, Nely Galán, Trent Shelton, and more.
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