Dave Marcum

FranklinCovey Senior Consultant

Do I have the chops? 

You likely wonder, “Are Dave’s skills and experience relevant to what I need?” 

I’ve carried a bag, run sales teams, and know what it’s like to go to Presidents Club (or miss quota and hate it). I’ve been sold to as a COO. For 23 years I’ve taught tens of thousands of people at the largest global companies how to sell. Most organizations are steeped in the WHAT of sales (sales process and the information needed to move through sales stages). But most aren’t steeped in the HOW of sales—how you get a client to share the information you need. You no doubt have brilliant products or services to sell, but they are undeniably held hostage to the quality of the conversation that happens between a salesperson and a prospective or current client. 

As co-founder of the Sales Performance Practice, I’ve carefully studied people, how they interact and know what gets in the way of openness and trust. I know how to teach people how to have clearer, more meaningful conversations. My purpose is to illuminate truth to help people everywhere live confident, inspired and original lives. I’ve co-authored two books with Simon & Schuster and Wiley. A third is soon out: Ready for Monsters: How to build the gravitas to make hard things beautiful and big things possible. 

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