John Smith

FranklinCovey Senior Consultant

John Smith is a Senior Consultant with FranklinCovey’s Execution Practice.

An experienced consultant with 30 years of business, management consulting, sales and marketing experience, John specializes in leadership and team development, strategy execution and building high trust cultures.

John has worked with organizations across a variety of sectors including oil and gas, transportation, hospitality, retail, health care, manufacturing and law enforcement. Some of his key clients include Fairmont Hotels, Bison Transport, CNRL, Georgia Pacific, Carnival Cruises, Canada Cartage and State of Colorado. Several of his clients are noted as Best-in-class implementations attributing several million dollars in value to their 4Dx continuous improvement and quality initiatives.

John enjoys working with leadership teams who are passionate about improving business results and developing and growing their talent. He is particularly skilled at helping leadership teams develop strategic clarity in a way that can be communicated and executed at the front line.

Prior to joining Franklin Covey, John worked in a variety of sales and marketing management roles at IBM, where he earned four IBM Canada Sales Achievement Awards and two IBM International Awards for high achievement.

John resides in Calgary, Alberta with his wife Cathy. An avid sports fan, he devotes most of his volunteer time to coaching hockey and working with youth, has run hockey schools north of the Arctic Circle and helped launch a high school robotics competition in Western Canada to support youth interested in exploring STEM careers.

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