Julie Binter

FranklinCovey Senior Consultant

Julie is a highly accomplished coach, facilitator, and trusted advisor with over 15 years of experience developing leaders, teams, and individuals.

She helps leaders at all organizational levels, first time supervisors to executives, increase their effectiveness, navigate organizational and personal change, better manage their teams, and integrate their personal learning to achieve professional and personal success.

Julie has a proven track record of building leadership capabilities and improving workplace culture. Aligning with each company’s strategic direction, she brings her results-orientation to leader development, employee engagement and retention, performance management, and team effectiveness, to build more inclusive, emotionally intelligent, and high-performing organizations.

Before joining FranklinCovey, Julie served in leadership and learning roles within corporate, public sector, and nonprofit organizations spanning several industries including, government, higher education, legal, technology, and utilities. These diverse organizations increased her ability to quickly learn the business, zero in on the challenges, and recommend actionable strategies.

Julie is passionate about helping leaders and teams learn what it takes to thrive in today’s working environment, while also achieving desired business results. She is committed to ensuring everyone

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