Lisa Bishop

FranklinCovey Senior Consultant

Lisa’s passion is to unleash the extraordinary in people, teams, and organizations. 

She believes there is greatness in everyone waiting to be tapped into. Lisa is committed to creating a learning environment that is open and engaging and provokes awareness that leads to lasting change. She coaches participants to see new possibilities and ways of “being” that will empower them to achieve desired results rather than entrenched patterns and predictable actions that yield the same unwanted outcome. 

Lisa is experienced in training and coaching all levels of organizations, from front-line learner to executive level leaders. Lisa is often described by her clients as an excellent communicator who listens deeply and is authentic and genuine; a coach and trainer committed to equipping her clients with tools for transformation and success, professionally and personally. She believes great teams and organizations can accomplish the extraordinary when each person sees their value and owns their impact. 

Lisa has over 20 years of experience as a transformational coach and trainer and has worked with both for-profit and nonprofit companies. 

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