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Dave Marcum

Coaching and Consulting Experience

Do I have the chops? You probably wonder, “Who is Dave Marcum and are his skills and experience relevant to what I need?”


I’ve carried a bag, run sales teams, and know what it’s like to go to Presidents Club (or miss quota and hate it). I’ve been sold to as COO of a newspaper (when newspapers were a real thing). I study people, how they interact and know what gets in the way of openness and trust. As co-founder of the Sales Performance Practice, I know how to teach people how to have clearer, more meaningful conversations.

I love to illuminate truth to help people everywhere live confident, inspired and original lives. I’ve co-authored two books: Simon & Schuster (Egonomics) and Wiley (BusinessThink). A third is soon out: Thirtywise: why thirty begins the most pivotal decade of your career and how young leaders grow into greatness faster. 



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