Execute Strategies
Know Your Organization's Most Important Goals


Only 15% of employees actually know their organization's most important goals - either there are no goals or they have too many.


- FranklinCovey



Executing on strategies that require a change in human behavior is a leader’s greatest challenge. Join other senior leaders as we discuss the those challenges in scaling strategies across the organization and how to change employee behavior to achieve those goals.


This two-hour discussion will include:

  • The rules for achieving your strategies while working in the day-to-day “whirlwind.”
  • A process run by over 300,000 teams that squeezed variability out of their performance curve.
  • What prevents organizations from achieving their must-win strategies.

Join one of our subject matter experts as they discuss the framework and process for executing on your organizational strategies. Register now.



Location                        Date


Salt Lake City, UT          Nov. 13th, Wednesday - REGISTER NOW

Birmingham, AL            Jan. 9th, Thursday - REGISTER NOW

Tampa, FL                      Jan. 16th, Thursday - REGISTER NOW

Kansas City, MO            Jan. 28th, Tuesday - REGISTER NOW



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