C-Suite Conversations

Featuring conversations with Horst Schulze, Chris Nassetta, Tony Capuano, Martine Ferland, Ameeth Sankaran, Debby Soo, Kevin Warren, Xavier Mufraggi, Julie Cordua, and Doug Renfro.

Season 2

Episode 11
Horst Schulze

Join co-founder, former president and COO of Ritz-Carlton, Horst Schulze as he defines the true meaning of service excellence. He explores how to shift your mindset from working to work, to working to serve while sharing leadership insights from more than 70 years in the hospitality industry.

Episode 12
Chris Nassetta

Join CEO of Hilton, Chris Nassetta, as he outlines his journey from his first hotel job cleaning toilets to now leading one of the world’s most renowned hospitality brands. He shares how his experiences navigating change, learning from struggle, and being a shock absorber in challenging times have taught him the importance of keeping a steady hand on the wheel as a leader.

Episode 13
Tony Capuano

Join the CEO of Marriott International as he outlines the roles that transparent communication, deliberate and engaged listening, and intellectual curiosity play in the overall success of an organization. He explores the leadership competencies necessary to transition a team from survival mode to recovery mode in challenging times and shares how to consistently and effectively convey messages every team needs to know.

Episode 14
Martine Ferland

Join Martine Ferland as she reflects on what she’s learned about being agile and navigating change since taking on her current role as the President and CEO of Mercer in 2019. Learn how fostering feelings of achievement, belonging, and equity within an organization can lead to its ongoing success during what has been referred to as The Great Reevaluation.

Episode 15
Ameeth Sankaran

Take time to learn why sports matter to everyone of all ages with Religion of Sports CEO Ameeth Sankaran, who outlines the common thread in greatness, whether it be in sports or in our personal and professional lives.

Episode 16
Debby Soo

Join the CEO of OpenTable, Debby Soo, as she discusses how building a culture of high trust creates an imperative psychological level of safety that allows people to make mistakes and take risks.

Episode 17
Kevin Warren

Join UPS’s Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Kevin Warren, as he shares his highly developed perspective on data-centric business and non-traditional engagement channels. His experiences and wisdom sheds light on how to drive positive change, set new standards, and always keep the focus on the customer first.

Episode 18
Xavier Mufraggi

Learn from Young Presidents’ Organization CEO, Xavier Mufraggi, as he reflects on the ways a leader is, in fact, the culture of an organization. Xavier shares how his leadership paradigm to help, support, and serve contributes to his goal to leave a legacy marked by impact.

Episode 19
Julie Cordua

Join Julie Cordua, CEO of digital child protective agency Thorn, as she shares what leaders, teachers, parents, organizations, and every single one of us can do to prevent children from becoming victims of online predators.

Episode 20
Doug Renfro

Join the President of Renfro Foods, Doug Renfro, as he shares the crucial role innovation and creativity play in the growth and success of any organization. Doug discusses how to leverage intuition, science, and criticism in a way that helps you learn from experiences and not take anything for granted.

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