C-Suite Conversations

Featuring conversations with Eric Grilly, Abigail Pringle, Ben Lamm, Julie Lodge Jarrett, Nicklas Hedlin, Eric Pulier, Melissa Proctor, Zoe Dickson, Amy Shore, and Nickle Lamoreaux.

Season 3

Episode 21
Eric Grilly

Join Cirque du Soleil’s president of resident shows and affiliate shows, Eric Grilly, as he recounts how live entertainment has evolved in recent years. Eric points to resilience, teamwork, and talent as foundational elements to continued transformation and growth in the future of the industry.

Episode 22
Abigail Pringle

Join Wendy’s President of International and Chief Development Officer, Abigail Pringle, as she reflects on the importance of high-quality standards, not just in the food industry, but as a foundational factor that can make or break an organization.

Episode 23
Ben Lamm

Join Ben Lamm, as he discusses the most important factors to consider when selling a business. Ben shares his experiences, illustrating what worked for him and the lessons he learned from what didn’t work.

Episode 24
Julie Lodge Jarrett

Join Senior Vice President and Chief People and Purpose Officer of DICK’s Sporting Goods, Julie Lodge-Jarrett as she discusses the incomparable value of diversity in the workplace. Julie shares how she’s learned to lead out with confidence while being agile enough to recognize when your way isn’t necessarily the right way.

Episode 25
Nicklas Hedlin

Join founder and CEO of Centiro, Niklas Hedin, as he shares the impact The 7 Habits has had on what he calls a human-centric leadership style based in authenticity and transparency.

Episode 26
Eric Pulier

Join CEO and Founder of Vatom, Eric Pulier as he draws from his experience as an entrepreneur and founder of more than 15 companies to demystify the ever-evolving tech industry. Eric discusses how advancing technology will continue to influence the future of business, pointing to increased engagement and ownership as key factors for success.

Episode 27
Melissa Proctor

Join EVP and Chief Marketing Officer of the Atlanta Hawks and State Farm Arena, Melissa Proctor, as she reflects on her career journey. Melissa shares lessons she’s learned as she’s gone from ball girl to CMO, with a focus on finding creative solutions to consistently changing business challenges.

Episode 28
Zoe Dickson

Join EVP and Chief Human Resources Officer of 3M, Zoe Dickson, as she discusses the vital role resilience, adaptability, and trust play in an organization’s culture where everyone belongs.

Episode 29
Amy Shore

Join Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer for Nationwide Insurance, Amy Shore, as she reflects on the importance of having clarity of purpose as an organization. To Amy, that starts with discovering how people are wired and what’s motivating them by making listening a priority in the workplace.

Episode 30
Nickle Lamoreaux

Join IBM’s Chief Human Resource Officer, Nickle LaMoreaux, as she discusses how experimentation, intention, and cocreation can become leadership strengths. Nickle discusses ways to attract and retain the best talent by fostering a culture of empathy, transparency, and humility.

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