C-Suite Conversations

Featuring conversations with Krista Bourne, Clara Shih, Roger Krone, Anjali Sud, Andre Persaud, Jill Koziol, Rhonda Morris, Mike Fenlon, Lisa Chang, and Glenn Fogel.

Season 5

Episode 41
Krista Bourne

Join Verizon Consumer Group’s Chief Operating Officer, Krista Bourne, as she offers insights on how to manage complexity and constant change through her principles of purpose.

Episode 42
Clara Shih

Join CEO of Salesforce Service Cloud and overall digital powerhouse, Clara Shih as she shares how to use social media at an executive level, keep employees engaged, and evolve your own leadership style to adapt to continuous changes in the world around us.

Episode 43
Roger Krone

Join Leidos’ CEO and chairman Roger Krone for a masterclass in leadership as he shares how agility, flexibility, and sustainability are shaping the future of business. Roger discusses how his broad career background has helped guide him to becoming a respected leader of people who is known for recruiting and retaining talent.

Episode 44
Anjali Sud

Join Vimeo’s CEO Anjali Sud as she flips the script by embracing the concept that a leader’s character is tested not just in the bad times, but even more so in the good times. An academic powerhouse and well decorated young leader, Anjali puts her experience to use to anticipate the needs of employees and pivot as necessary to foster growth in impactful ways.

Episode 45
Andre Persaud

Join Rite Aid’s EVP and Chief Retail Officer, Andre Persaud, as he reflects on how his career has taught him relatable lessons about the importance of pivoting when necessary, making tough – but transparent – decisions, and how effective empathic leadership can be.

Episode 46
Jill Koziol

Join the co-founder and CEO of Motherly, Jill Koziol, for an engaging conversation about modern motherhood and entrepreneurship. Jill shares how leaders in organizations can create impact by leading authentically, practicing radical transparency, and actively working on the business rather than in the business.

Episode 47
Rhonda Morris

Join Chevron’s Chief Human Resource Officer and Vice President, Rhonda Morris, as she shares how to retain quality employees by being a transparent leader who encourages what she called “portfolio careers.”

Episode 48
Mike Fenlon

Join PwC’s Chief Future of Work Officer Mike Fenlon for an engaging conversation about the future of work. Mike discusses how organizations function as human ecosystems, sharing how to effectively build a purpose-driven and trust-based culture.

Episode 49
Lisa Chang

Join the SVP and Global Chief People Officer of The Coca-Cola Company, Lisa Chang, as she reflects on how her career has taught her relatable lessons about what it really means to get a proverbial seat at the table. Lisa discusses timely topics around the increasing importance of personal wellbeing, focus, and keeping an open mind.

Episode 50
Glenn Fogel

Join CEO and President of Booking Holdings, Glenn Fogel, as he shares insights on the future of culture in organizations. Glenn discusses the climate of culture, focusing on ways to maintain perspective, stay present, and make effective adjustments when necessary.

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