C-Suite Conversations

Featuring conversations with Siobhán Mc Feeney, Sharon Marcil, Sally Sussman, Shellye Archambeau, Chip Conley, Christine Anderson, Joel Myers, Bob Parsons, Dave Liniger, and Julie Charlestein.

Season 7

Episode 61
Siobhán Mc Feeney

Join Chief Technology Officer of Kohl’s, Siobhán Mc Feeney, as she shares her insights on how leaders can most effectively stay connected with their teams. Siobhán discusses the importance of utilizing AI (with guardrails in place), meeting people where they’re at, and striving for everything we can be in life.

Episode 62
Sharon Marcil

Join Boston Consulting Group’s managing director, senior partner, and North American chair, Sharon Marcil, for a conversation on the important roles mentorship and diversity play in an organization’s culture. Sharon shares how she’s learned to not only recruit but also retain the best talent through learning, development, and support.

Episode 63
Sally Sussman

Join EVP and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at Pfizer, Sally Susman, as she discusses the importance of intentional communication, both personally and professionally. Sally shares how her experiences have helped her find her voice and how others can do the same.

Episode 64
Shellye Archambeau

From being the oldest of four in a modest American family to becoming one of the first black female CEOs of the tech industry, Shellye Archambeau knows how to create success on her own terms, and she has made it her mission to teach others to do the same. Join her for a conversation on how not only to persevere but to make intentional choices with the knowledge and planning necessary to increase your odds of being successful.

Episode 65
Chip Conley

Garner insights that will help you identify how to add purposefulness to your life with NYT bestselling author and CEO of Modern Elder Academy Chip Conley. Empower yourself with the knowledge and practices needed to identify different kinds of purpose in your life, helping to ensure your second half of life is as fruitful, if not more fruitful, than your first.

Episode 66
Christine Anderson

Join Blackstone’s Global Head of Corporate Affairs, Christine Anderson, as she breaks down how to communicate more effectively within your organization and in your personal life. Christine shares her insights on corporate communications, with a focus on how simplicity, clarity, and repetition are key.

Episode 67
Joel Myers

Join the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of AccuWeather as he shares how to be relentless and keep working for the success you deserve. Dr. Myers shares the importance of being authentic, embracing your personal and professional mission, and bringing life to your vision every single day.

Episode 68
Bob Parsons

Join the founder of GoDaddy.com, Bob Parsons, for a transparent, vulnerable conversation about what it takes to motivate and inspire others in addition to yourself.

Episode 69
Dave Liniger

Join RE/MAX chairman of the board and co-founder, Dave Liniger for a conversation about creating a team culture no one wants to leave. Dave discusses how having a mission-driven philosophy can benefit your team in the long run, ultimately setting everyone involved up to leave a profound impact on those they work with and for.

Episode 70
Julie Charlestein

Join CEO of Premier Dental, Julie Charlestein, for a conversation about the crucial roles that clarity, structure, and fun play in an organization. Julie shares how important it is to balance innovation with intentional respect for where you came from, all through the lens of her being fourth generation in the family business.

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