C-Suite Conversations

Featuring conversations with Jason Buechel, Todd Kaplan, Jennifer McCollum, Damon Jones, Terry Shaw, Sam Shriver, Scott Trench, Ukonwa Kuzi-Orizu Ojo, Alan Mulally, and Mike Federle.

Season 9

Episode 81
Jason Buechel

Success is rooted in the strength of the team. CEO Jason Buechel says this is among the reasons why Whole Foods Market is able to offer a unique shopping experience to its customers. Jason emphasizes the importance of understanding the operations of a business and having a connection to the industry, the customers, and the employees.

Episode 82
Todd Kaplan

Few brands are as recognizable as Pepsi. Todd Kaplan, Pepsi’s Chief Marketing Officer, joins Scott to discuss the ins and outs of guiding an iconic brand. Todd shares insights on lifestyle marketing, connecting with consumers, data-driven decision-making, brand identity, and the “Three Truths” of effective creative strategy.

Episode 83
Jennifer McCollum

Creating cultures where we are all celebrated rather than tolerated is a passion of Jennifer McCollum, CEO of Linkage and author of In Her Own Voice: A Woman’s Rise to CEO. Jennifer explores the challenges and hurdles that women face in their journey to leadership positions, emphasizing the need for organizations to create inclusive cultures where women can thrive.

Episode 84
Damon Jones

Procter & Gamble’s Chief Communications Officer, Damon Jones has a pretty clear message for those seeking career success: be deliberate, be bold, and always be learning. Damon’s nearly 30-year career at P&G has afforded him plenty of opportunities to do each of these things, as well as developed in him a genuine fondness for effective communication practices.

Episode 85
Terry Shaw

The mission, vision, and values are the lifeblood of an organization. AdventHealth President and CEO Terry Shaw offers up one of the most insightful interviews yet on C-suite Conversations, sharing his strategies for leading with curiosity, adaptability, and authenticity. Terry vulnerably discusses his own strengths and weaknesses as a leader throughout his four-decade career with AdventHealth.

Episode 86
Sam Shriver

Join the Vice President of Thought Leadership at The Center for Leadership Studies, Sam Shriver, as he shares meaningful insights on leadership. Sam speaks to the importance of adjusting leadership styles based on the individual and the task at hand, and discusses how to approach some of the challenges leaders are facing in organizations today.

Episode 87
Scott Trench

Start building yourself bigger pockets today by spending less, earning more, investing, and creating. Join the CEO and President of BiggerPockets.com, Scott Trench, as he delves into the importance of financial independence and the role of real estate investing in achieving that goal.

Episode 88
Ukonwa Kuzi-Orizu Ojo

The moment she decided to be comfortable with who she was created to be, flaws and all, was an absolute game changer for Ukonwa Kuzi-Orizu Ojo. The CEO and founder of Zaia Ventures shares her diverse career journey, from starting in finance to transitioning into brand management, as an illustration of the importance of authenticity and being true to yourself in building your personal brand.

Episode 89
Alan Mulally

Humility, love, and service are at the heart of every intentional leadership decision Alan Mulally has made. The former CEO of Boeing and Ford shares his insights on creating a psychologically safe environment in the workplace, the principles of effective leadership, and the significance of collaboration.

Episode 90
Mike Federle

Forbes Media Group CEO Mike Federle joins C-suite Conversations for a discussion on trust in journalism and media and the importance of curiosity and relationship-building in leadership.

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