FranklinCovey On Leadership

Season 15 features interviews with Alex Osterwalder, Ozan Varol, Jon Huntsman, Jr., Zafar Masud, Jennifer Aaker, Naomi Bagdonas, Doug Bopst, Alain Hunkins, Dr. Daniel Amen, Adam Grant, and Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt.

Season 15

Episode 141
Alex Osterwalder

Join business model and innovation expert Alex Osterwalder as he shares critical practices and strategies to position your business to prosper in the midst of market disruption, stay ahead of the innovation curve, and avoid innovation ruts.

Episode 142
Ozan Varol

Join astrophysicist, lawyer, and bestselling author of Think Like a Rocket Scientist, Ozan Varol, as he sheds light on the unique way rocket scientists think and how that perspective, idealism, and eye to the sky can propel your business forward.

Episode 143
Jon Huntsman, Jr.

Join former governor and U.S. ambassador Jon Huntsman, Jr. as he shares leadership lessons learned from a life of building a business, international public service, and a drive to do good.

Episode 144
Zafar Masud

Join Zafar Masud, CEO of the Bank of Punjab and one of two surviving passengers of the May 2020 Pakistan International Airlines crash, as he shares his harrowing story of survival. Hear the life-changing lessons he learned as a leader as he strives to leave a lasting legacy.

Episode 145
Jennifer Aaker and Naomi Bagdonas

Join Stanford professor Dr. Jennifer Aaker and executive coach Naomi Bagdonas, co-authors of Humor, Seriously, as they share the business benefits of bringing laughter and light-heartedness to the workplace.

Episode 146
Doug Bopst

Join author, speaker, and personal trainer, Doug Bopst, as he shares his journey of transforming his perpetual adversity into hope, success, and advocacy for others.

Episode 147
Alain Hunkins

Join Alain Hunkins, author of Cracking the Leadership Code, for a broad discussion on the powerful leadership practices of listening, first impressions, and leading people.

Episode 148
Dr. Daniel Amen

Join 13-time bestselling author Dr. Daniel Amen as he brings insights from his new book, Your Brain is Always Listening, on how to mitigate your impulses, manage your past trauma, and find greater control in your life.

Episode 149
Adam Grant

Join bestselling author Adam Grant as he shares insights from his new book, Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know. Learn how to challenge your intuition, intake and implement criticism, and establish a challenge network to push your thinking to greater levels.

Episode 150
Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt

Join the author of The Gift of Forgiveness, Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt, as she shares insights about the journey of forgiveness, its elusive nature, and it’s freeing power.

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