FranklinCovey On Leadership

Season 18 features interviews with Scott Miller, Scott O’Neil, Colin Cowie, Geoff Woods, General Stanley McChrystal, Dorie Clark, Liz Wiseman, Dave Hollis, Kim Scott, and Erica Dhawan.

Season 18

Episode 171
Scott Miller

Join the long-time host of On Leadership, Scott Miller, as he takes the guest chair to discuss his new book, Master Mentors. Hear the life-shaping advice, insights, and lessons he has learned from the many world-class guests from FranklinCovey’s On Leadership podcast series.

Episode 172
Scott O’Neil

Join longtime sports executive and new author Scott O’Neil as he employs vulnerability, experience, and storytelling to help you navigate your purpose, your intent, and your relationships.

Episode 173
Colin Cowie

Join prolific author, customer service, and lifestyle expert Colin Cowie as he shares captivating insights around pivoting your business, high-level customer service, and how to stand out in your industry.

Episode 174
Geoff Woods

Join aclaimed host of The ONE Thing postcast, Geoff Woods, as he drives a broad discussion about goal setting, rethinking strategy, and building positive, productive relationships.

Episode 175
General Stanley McChrystal

Join General Stanley McChrystal as he returns to On Leadership to share his insights around risk and the factors and strategies to help navigate risk to succeed in your work.

Episode 176
Dorie Clark

Join bestselling author Dorie Clark as she shares her experience in attaining goals, pivoting out of comfort, establishing a strong network, and staying focused, all as part of playing and succeeding in the long game.

Episode 177
Liz Wiseman

Join bestselling author Liz Wiseman as she returns to On Leadership to discuss her newest book, Impact Players. Liz shares who impact players are, what sets them apart from others, and how simple mindset shifts can increase your impact.

Episode 178
Dave Hollis

Join bestselling author and entrepreneur Dave Hollis as he shares essential insights on maintaining hope through challenge, moving out of your comfort zone, and recognizing and managing your emotions.

Episode 179
Kim Scott

Join bestselling author Kim Scott as she shares insights from her new book on combatting bias, prejudice, and bullying in the workplace to build inclusive, winning cultures.

Episode 180
Erica Dhawan

Join bestselling author Erica Dhawan as she shares research, stories, and strategies to close the digital chasm that has created communication breakdowns among people and organizations everywhere.

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