FranklinCovey On Leadership

Season 24 features interviews with Gary Chapman, Erika James, Lynn Wooten, Robert Cialdini, Tunde Oyeneyin, Thomas Erikson, Marcus Buckingham, Safi Bahcall, Patrick Lencioni, Jennette McCurdy, and Morgan Housel.

Season 24

Episode 231
Gary Chapman

Join acclaimed author Dr. Gary Chapman as he helps each of us better understand our love language, and the impact it has on our personal and professional lives. Dr. Chapman outlines each of the topics from his seminal book, The 5 Love Languages, offering practical tips for developing meaningful relationships with others.

Episode 232
Erika James and Lynn Wooten

Learn from the academic prowess of Erika James and Lynn Wooten, who share how crucial lessons we’ve learned from the past several years are a benefit to the future of organizational leadership. The authors of The Prepared Leader discuss practical, tactical ways leaders can be, and stay, prepared amid a constantly changing, evolving environment.

Episode 233
Robert Cialdini

Join New York Times bestselling author and renowned public speaker, Dr. Robert Cialdini, as he shares what he’s learned from decades of scientific research on the art of influence and persuasion. Dr. Cialdini outlines how his six principles of persuasion can become a cornerstone for conducting effective business in a constantly changing environment.

Episode 234
Tunde Oyeneyin

Join New York Times bestselling author and Peleton instructor extraordinaire Tunde Oyeneyin as she speaks to finding your voice, trusting your gut, and getting from where you are to where you want to be. Tunde shares relatable stories from her past that have become lessons she holds steadfast now and into her future.

Episode 235
Thomas Erikson

Join bestselling author and researcher Thomas Erikson as he shares practical ways to become more self-aware according to your personality type. Thomas provides tools for determining your communication style and offers suggestions on how to better understand the people around you.

Episode 236
Marcus Buckingham

Join world-renowned researcher, author, and founder of the Strengths Revolution, Marcus Buckingham, in a vulnerable and transparent conversation about finding your strengths and making them work for you.

Episode 237
Safi Bahcall

Join physicist, entrepreneur, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Safi Bahcall for a conversation about nurturing crazy ideas that win wars, cure diseases, and transform industries.

Episode 238
Patrick Lencioni

Join the bestselling master of the fable, Patrick Lencioni, as he dives into how you can get to know your working genius. Patrick shares insights to understand your unique working genius and tips for leaders to transform how their teams work together.

Episode 239
Jennette McCurdy

Join New York Times and international bestselling author Jeannette McCurdy for a candid and transparent conversation about her heartbreaking and hilarious memoir, I’m Glad My Mom Died. Jeannette recounts stories from the book, reflecting on her struggles as a former child actor and how she ultimately took control of her life.

Episode 240
Morgan Housel

Join award winning, bestselling author Morgan Housel for a disarming conversation that reminds us that nobody’s thinking about your stuff as much as you are. Morgan shares tactical tips that help us understand some basics about wealth and money and then put those ideas to work to get wealthy and stay wealthy.

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