FranklinCovey On Leadership

Season 29 features interviews with John Baldoni, Dr. Henry Cloud, Amy Morin, Bent Flyvbjerg, T.D. Jakes, Rob O’Neill, Josh Bersin, Jim Kwik, Sally Helgesen, and Donny Osmond.

Season 29

Episode 281
John Baldoni

Grace takes to the workplace in this conversation about leading through change and crisis. Join speaker, author, and executive coach John Baldoni as he shares how leaders can be best prepared when adversity strikes.

Episode 282
Dr. Henry Cloud

Trust that this is an episode you don’t want to miss with leadership expert, psychologist, and bestselling author Dr. Henry Cloud. Dr. Cloud explores the topic of trust, focusing on understanding when to give, withhold, earn, and repair it. Dr. Cloud provides practical insights on how leaders can build and repair trust in personal and professional contexts.

Episode 283
Amy Morin

Join bestselling author and therapist, Amy Morin, as she talks about her incredible journey from personal tragedy to becoming a renowned expert in mental strength. Discover the key strategies for building mental strength and empowering yourself to overcome life’s challenges.

Episode 284
Bent Flyvbjerg

The role power, dynamics, and psychology play in project management is profound according to Danish economic geographer Bent Flyvbjerg. He discusses the crucial elements of successful projects, the pitfalls that lead to failures, and the importance of combining optimism with realism to navigate big ventures effectively.

Episode 285
T.D. Jakes

How can we challenge traditional norms and embrace change to achieve success? Bishop T.D. Jakes, author of the book Disruptive Thinking: A Daring Strategy to Change How We Live, Lead, and Love, joins us to discuss the importance of disruptive thinking in leadership and personal growth.

Episode 286
Rob O’Neill

In matters of life and death, simplicity, staying calm under pressure, and learning from past mistakes are key to survival. That is among several insights garnered from this riveting conversation with Rob O’Neill, author and former Navy SEAL credited with killing al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Episode 287
Josh Bersin

The way we work is changing. To learn more about how to make the most of the changes, join Josh Bersin for a conversation about the future of work. Josh discusses the shift to a post-industrial economy and the importance of creating a work environment that allows individuals to express their personal aspirations and add unique value to the company.

Episode 288
Jim Kwik

Boost your brain health with this masterclass on how to unlock the untapped potential of the brain and accelerate its health and power. Bestselling author and brain coach Jim Kwik shares his personal story of overcoming childhood trauma and learning disabilities, and emphasizes the importance of mindset, motivation, and methods in achieving limitless success.

Episode 289
Sally Helgesen

Knowing and understanding the triggers that can hinder inclusivity is more important than ever before. Sally Helgesen, an expert on women in leadership and building inclusive cultures, joins us to discuss her new book Rising Together: How We Can Bridge Divides and Create a More Inclusive Workplace.

Episode 290
Donny Osmond

Intentional disruption and constant reinvention are among the mindsets renowned entertainer Donny Osmond says have set him up for success. Donny shares insights on the importance of disrupting yourself, making strategic decisions, and surrounding yourself with smart people.

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