FranklinCovey On Leadership

Season 35 features interviews with Alan Mulally, Herminia Ibarra, Uri Levine, Rick Warren, Mary Sanders, Mitch Albom, Aron Ralston, Jenny Lawson, Joey Coleman, and Arlan Hamilton.

Season 35

Episode 341
Alan Mulally

Humility, love, and service are at the heart of every intentional leadership decision Alan Mulally has made. The former CEO of Boeing and Ford shares his insights on creating a psychologically safe environment in the workplace, the principles of effective leadership, and the significance of collaboration.

Episode 342
Herminia Ibarra

Discover practical concepts for making effective career pivots with Herminia Ibarra, author of Working Identity: Unconventional Strategies for Reinventing Your Career.

Episode 343
Uri Levine

Value creation and product-market fit weave together in this insightful interview with two-time ‘unicorn’ builder and author Uri Levine. The co-founder of Waze and investor in Moovit joins On Leadership for a transparent conversation about the mindset and skills needed to be a successful problem solver.

Episode 344
Rick Warren

On Leadership welcomes Rick Warren, author of the seminal bestselling book, The Purpose Driven Life, for a candid conversation on the pivotal roles principles, character, and perspective play in leadership.

Episode 345
Mary Sanders

Olympic gymnast Mary Sanders shares her journey of reinvention and the lessons she has learned from the different phases of her life. Mary discusses the importance of not getting stuck in one identity, imploring people to be in constant pursuit of personal growth.

Episode 346
Mitch Albom

Renowned novelist Mitch Albom joins On Leadership for a captivating conversation about the thought-provoking themes that inspire his work. Mitch emphasizes the importance of treating writing like a job and maintaining a consistent routine, which he said has contributed to the success and relevance of his storytelling in today’s world.

Episode 347
Aron Ralston

Prepare to be moved, inspired, and forever changed by Aaron Ralston’s extraordinary tale of survival. Aron, known for his harrowing experience of being trapped by a boulder while hiking alone in Utah, shares his journey of perseverance and the life-changing decision he made to save himself.

Episode 348
Jenny Lawson

Bestselling author and blogger Jenny Lawson is known for her candid and hilarious approach to discussing mental health issues, and her books have not only brought laughter and levity to the topic of mental illness but have also helped to normalize the conversation and provide comfort to her readers.

Episode 349
Joey Coleman

Learn how to build a culture of retention that your employees enjoy being part of in this charismatic conversation with bestselling author and keynote speaker Joey Coleman.

Episode 350
Arlan Hamilton

You don’t have to be born into a legacy of wealth to leave one behind. That is one of several powerful takeaways from this interview with the successful venture capitalist, author, and founder of Backstage Capital, Arlan Hamilton.

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