Andy Cindrich

Co-author of Change: How to Turn Uncertainty Into Opportunity and senior FranklinCovey leadership coach.

Andy Cindrich began his work with FranklinCovey in 1999.

He loves consulting with FranklinCovey because the work aligns with his personal mission statement: To help teams and individuals win. Andy’s experience owning and operating a successful design shop allows him to customize each client intervention to exactly meet the client need. He has worked with clients to drive improved results in every imaginable area including: academics, productivity, safety, sales, production, cycle time, strategic planning, and new product launches. His clients have shown unprecedented improvements in employee engagement and one achieved a 9-figure project cost savings in just over 5 months.

Andy has worked with a variety of industries including software, insurance, hospitality, banking, construction, healthcare, chemical, automobile, mortgage, technology, telecom, energy, and pharmaceutical industries, among others. He has also worked with several US government departments and agencies.

A highly-sought-after and engaging keynote speaker, Andy is one of the authors of the best-selling book Change: How to Turn Uncertainty Into Opportunity published in 2023. He has an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership, a B.S. in teaching both psychology and history, and a minor in coaching. Learn more about Andy on LinkedIn:

Watch as Andy Cindrich highlights the different zones of change as a guest on the FranklinCovey On Leadership podcast.

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Human beings are hard-wired to pay attention to the urgent! Rather than pleading with people to focus on the important, great leaders create urgency “by process” to help people do the most important things despite the fact that those things are often not inherently urgent.

— Andy Cindrich

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