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When it comes to execution on the goals set by leadership, we find it breaks down in four ways:

  1. Managers and their teams don’t know the goal
    • Our research has shown that only 15% of employees know their organization’s most important goals—either there are no goals, or they have too many goals.
  2. Managers and teams don’t know how to achieve the goal.
    • Too many people don’t know what critical activities provide the greatest leverage to achieving team goals.
  3. They don’t keep score.
    • Our research shows that most workers don’t know what the key measures of success are, and they don’t measure and track the specific behaviors that lead to goal accomplishment.
  4. They are not held accountable.
    • Our research shows that fewer than 10% of people meet with their manager at least monthly to discuss their progress on work goals

The Implementation Process

As a leader, you can build a culture of execution in your organization through implementing The 4 Disciplines of Execution. With over 4,000 implementations, FranklinCovey has refined the implementation process.

The 4 Disciplines of Execution in a nutshell with bestselling author Chris McChesney.

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